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Found out that a individual used my girlfriends photos for a fake listing on both Filipino Cupid and Asian Dating. The website company has done nothing to remove the listings that has my girlfriends photos so, therefore I will now warn everybody for listings from Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. There are many ads of women that are located in different cities in China.

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They all claim that they are working as nannies or tutors for Chinese families. When writing to them I find that they all have a similar story. They do not have cell phones that they can communicate through texting or Skype.

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Only have access to emails. Most of them say they would like to meet me in my country. This all seems to be a scam.

Boracay – The Worst Tourist Trap in the Philippines

Am I being foolish thinking that these women actually exist? Meaning Cupid fabricated fictitious profiles to lure the customer in.

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We were at the same area as you were. Her Name is Cindy! A crucial away series for Gilas. I love Boracay, been there many times and surely come back another time. This is sad experience..

On the site there are many scammers. I think you should look at the couples that have been successful in finding each other using this dating site. It is up to to you to find the real women or men on this site.

I was successful like so many other couples. I was contacted by many ladies. Most did not even see or even read my profile. I never paid for membership. The site gave me for free the opportunity to read the messages sent by the ladies.

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We ended up on Skype for over 2 hours. She was working in Saudi Arabia on a 2 year contract as a Teacher.

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We feel in love online. I am living with my partner in the home she owns in the Philippines. We wish to thank FilipinoCupid for helping us to get together. I am a 62 year old Teacher retired British white man. My partner is 41 years old. Be aware filipina ladies do not care about age. I am very sure with effort you would find a lady on the cupid website.

Stop thinking they are all scammers. Just detect them and move on to the real ladies looking for a partner, Never send money to any lady. A filipina really in love with you is easy to detect. Stop being a fool western men. I hope this review will help you. When you are a paid member the site operates as it should. People responding or engaging your profile in what i would consider a normal manner.

Gender issues and money fishing not withstanding. Its when your subscription runs out that the nonsense starts. Frequency of messages increases. From people that you have never once interacted with. When i was subscribed i would get two of three messages while online and a few expressions of interest. Nearly zero messages while offline. Now that i am no longer subscribed i can log in and expect 5 to 7 'messages' that magically appear.

It is pretty obvious they have a script that randomly selects a few possible matches from active accounts that fit your search parameters and have them 'send' you intro messages that you cannot read until you're subscribed. Thankfully the ones i am getting are from profiles i am not interested in so no impulse to pay up to speak to someone who probably didnt even know they had 'contacted' me. You have be careful using this website there are too many fake and scammers on it. I sign up for 12 months and all those fake profile I reported and ask for money or asking me to sign up to another website still remains.

Out of contacts 6 I met in person 3 Become my girlfriend but it didn't last long.

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My piece of advice is becareful who you chat with you could be chatting to a scammer ladyboy, woman, gay or a man but if you learn to weed the bad one out from the good one you can meet genuine people Who are looking for relationship or new friend. Its difficult for me to communicate with American Girls. Obviously everyone will see this so i thought i'd leave a review and some good, free advice on things to look out for.

Interracial marriage: A Filipina’s online journey to blissful ties

Just created my profile today. My inbox filed with over twenty notes with in the first two hours as i am not ugly. As the day progressed i have ran into at least 3 scam attempts. They are doing this new thing now where if u make it that far you get on skype with them and u see the girl but what "she" is saying doesn't pare up with her facial expressions. Honestly i don't know how they have been scamming ppl because they really aren't that smart lmfao!

So to the miserable guys out there start of being nice but not too needy. Don't over sell your reaction when she gives u a compliment, all females are the same, mentally. U want to do just enough to make it to a video chat.

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They may say something is wrong with the camera flag. They may say something is wrong with the mic half flag Once you see her face THEN u become the predator of the conversation. The idiot in the shadows will become annoyed, then you type "wave" in the chat box.

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Ive been dating a Filipina girl for 8 months and there seems to be some cultural differences that I was unaware of and I just wanted to verify. Another question I have in regards to Filipinas is their care giving attitude. She stayed the night a couple times and when I come back from my.

American women are horrible so i understand the frustration but don't be desperate for a pretty smile and an easygoing conversation. First, I want to say there are probably more beautiful Filipinas on FC than any other comparable dating site. It's not even close. That said, I think Filipino Cupid is paying attractive women to contact men. As an example, I am in the medical field. I put in my profile I'm very interested in meeting women who are also in the medical field. Those are simple text files written on your computer by your browser.

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